Small Vinyl Decal Sticker (Choose One)


Steppie Clothing

This listing is for your choice of one of the following small vinyl decal designs:

1. "I Am A Ninja"
Item No. #DC001
Black or Metallic Gold
(measures 3"W x 3.6"H)

2. "Panda Bums"
Item No. #DC002
Black or Hot Pink
(measures 3"W x 2.5"H)

3. "Flying Panda"
Item No. #DC003
Black or Mint
(measures 3"W x 4.5"H)

4. "Nerdy Panda"
Item No. #DC004
Black or White
(measures 3"W x 2"H)


These vinyl decals are durable and are perfect for your laptops, cars, windows, or walls. They can also be applied to your binders, iPads, and cell phones.

Vinyl decal sticker application instructions:
1. Clean surface
2. Peel backing off adhesive
3. Carefully place adhesive to desired surface, avoiding any air bubbles
4. Use a credit card (or something with a hard straight edge) to squeegee the area firmly several times
5. Carefully remove application tape from surface (if vinyl lifts with the tape, reapply to surface and squeegee again)

Decals can be easily and completely removed from most surfaces but are not reusable. Decals should last a few years, depending on user's care.




  • I Am A Ninja / Black Sold Out
  • I Am A Ninja / Gold
  • Panda Bums / Black Sold Out
  • Panda Bums / Hot Pink Sold Out
  • Flying Panda / Black Sold Out
  • Flying Panda / Mint
  • Nerdy Panda / Black Sold Out
  • Nerdy Panda / White Sold Out